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In 2005 my husband and I took on the enormous challenge of restoring an old Coastguard Tower in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland, dating back to 1845.  My husband took care of the structural work, while I indulged in all things vintage and antique to create the perfect look for our beautiful Tower.  Witnessing the gradual transformation of the Tower from an empty ruin to a beautiful family home has been incredible and has inspired the launch of our own vintage website called Tiny Tower Vintage, where beautiful vintage and antique items are adored and treasured once again. 


Our collection dates primarily from the 1900’s to the 1950’s.  This was a period that witnessed massive change in every aspect of life and yet throughout these years one thing remained consistent and that was the beauty and quality of everyday items that have a timeless appeal. 


At Tiny Tower Vintage we have eight glorious rooms to explore, including the Parlour, Pantry, Library, Nursery, Boudoir, Sewing Room, Gallery and the Tiny Closet.  In each of these rooms you will find a great selection of vintage china, pottery, collectible books, toys, paintings, Linen and eiderdowns.  We also have a very pretty selection of vintage dresses for little girls and the sweetest vintage christening gowns. 


We take a great deal of time sourcing genuine vintage and antique items and all of our vintage finds must be as close to perfect as possible with regards to their condition. Explore each of our rooms to find the perfect gift from the past for friends and family or simply treat yourself and your home to a unique item from our extensive collection.